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Colorado ARES Region 1 District 1 is always looking for dedicated volunteers that are interested in Emergency Communications. To join the Co ARES R1D1 group PLEASE fill out the online Registration form and submit it. If you do not wish to fill out online you can print the PDF version of the Registration from located at the bottom of the page and send to and we will get it processed. Once your registration form has been reviewed and approved you will receive an email with the next steps to take in order to complete your registration with Colorado ARES Region 1 District 1 along with log in information for this site.

Register HERE

Next Steps

Check In to Our Net:

We meet every Thursday night on the 447.275 MHz Repeater, Negative Offset with a 100 Hz tone. Membership is not required, so join us any time and indicate if you have questions on check in!

Download our Channel Utilization:

Our channel utilization contains a list of frequencies that members should program into their radios: it is available at in the Forms & Docs section. Download and print out a copy today!

Complete Registration:

Don’t worry if your information will be changing: everything can be updated later, but a submitted registration form gets you in our system and on our email distribution list! Fill out the Online Registration form HERE so we can get you going with ARES R1D1 as soon as possible.

Complete Online ICS Training:

To be deployable to a served agency, you’ll need to complete several free, online courses on the Incident Command System, the National Incident Management System and the National Response Framework. Links are available below.

Complete Background Check: No Longer required to submit to the ARES R1D1 Administrators, Background Checks will now be completed in the second step of registration with the CVM database.

To be deployable to a served agency, you’ll need to complete a background check and provide us the results. We’re not looking for saints, but we have to comply with restrictions on where we can send our members. We accept a Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) report from, and will consider other forms of proof on a case-by-case basis. Alternative methods must be equal to, or more rigorous than a CBI check, such as a Larimer or Weld CHP. Email your report to:

Read and Understand the ECom Training:

Download and read the training material by Pat Lambert, W0IPL, available HERE

Update Your Profile:

Once we have entered your registration, you’ll be able to sign in to our website at and update your profile. Keep us in the loop as things change!

Join Us at an Event:

Even if you’re still working on your ICS and background check, feel free to volunteer for any of our public service events, field day, remote net control sessions and socials! They make for great practice, and we’d like to get to know you better.

ICS Courses

The following are links to the ICS or Incident Command System training that we ask all members to take before being deployed to a served agency. Because these served agencies manage incidents using this system, we must be familiar with this structure and be able to use common vocabulary to work effectively. Therefore, we require ICS100 and ICS700 for Tier 2 Members and ICS-200 and ICS800 for Tier 3 Members. Each class takes about 2 hours to complete and after completing a short test, you will receive a certificate in pdf form. Save these certificates as you will need to upload them into the CVM database at a later time.

Links to the ICS classes on the Fema.Gov website: